“Focus on Fitness” Video Series

Sue has put together a series of videos called “Focus on Fitness” to better explain and demonstrate some of the good habits to have while working out. Video topics include improving posture and suggestions for better technique you can use in your own workout.

You can see more videos at her YouTube page:
Belleair Fitness YouTube Page

Health and Fitness Seminars

BloodPressureBelleair Fitness’ services can help you achieve your goals through Health & Fitness Programs. Services include fun and educational PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and program materials. Let Sue customize a program or choose from one of the following:

  • Shape Up

    A 6 week weight management course for overweight youth and their parents. Over the 6 weeks, participants will learn how to eat better, exercise and have a healthier lifestyle.

  • Freedom From Smoking™

    Sue is a certified American Lung Association Instructor. This 6 week course will give you the tools needed to quit smoking.

  • Keep Your Energy Up!

    Includes information on diet, exercise, stress management and lifestyle changes that you can live with.

  • Recipe For Better Health

    The recipe for better health is as simple as 1-2-3. The key is using fruits, vegetables, and grains to improve your quality of life. This 1 hour seminar focuses on disease prevention and nutrition to improve your health.

PresentationCorporate Wellness Programs

Belleair Fitness can help your organization enhance employee’s health through our health & fitness seminars.

  • Healthy for Life

    Important facts and tips on getting healthy and staying fit.

  • Back to Health

    Does your office staff sit at their desks all day? Learn simple back and wrist exercises to reduce back pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  • Making Stress Work for You

    Learn the difference between optimal stress and bad stress and find out how to use stress to your advantage.

  • Protect Yourself from Chronic Diseases

    Learn ways to decrease heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and some cancers.

  • The Fitness Triangle

    Teaches the importance of the 3 main exercise components: strength, flexibility and endurance.