A fully equipped Pilates and Personal Training studio, Belleair Fitness is located on the second floor of the Dimmitt Community Center in Belleair.


Pilates is a form of exercise focused on core conditioning. It targets the muscles of the abdominal area, back, hips and glutes. The exercises promote strength, flexibility, coordination and posture. Pilates builds strength without adding bulk because it lengthens the muscles. Contact us today for your free introductory session.

  • Private Sessions
  • Duo Sessions
  • Group Sessions

Personal Training

  • One-on-one or group instruction
  • Fitness assessments & health appraisals
  • Aerobic and anaerobic programs available for weight loss or gain
  • Exercise testing
  • General fitness and nutrition education to improve your health

Who can benefit?

  • Beginner to advanced exercisers
  • Athletes
  • Dancers
  • Back and neck pain sufferers
  • People recovering from injury
  • Those who don't feel comfortable at the gym
Call today for your free 30 minute consultation.

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